In the process of creating my artworks my aim is to follow the thin borderline between the classical photography and the vision of fine art. In my opinion the art of photography is aimed not only to the eyes, but to the spirit too, as it is in the classical paintworks. The color, the composition and the idea in the true photography should follow the same line, as they are in the fine art. I don't make a strong difference between monochrome and color photos, as there is no difference in what a color is expressed an honest and impressive picture. The art, no matter of its style, could only be true or false.
Using the computer to improve the final vision is not a heresy for me the equipment, no matter what it is, is created to give full satisfaction in the final result of human action. The bad picture could not be improved anyway. The last result the power of the image, has the biggest importance in my work and I seek it using any means of action - no borders.
My experience in computer art and painting is the natural way that helps the process of catharsis in each of my artworks, increases my skills and aesthetical sense for making good photography.
The themes in my works are deeply connected with my searching to visualize the spirit and the invisible truth and the eternal.

Svetlan Stefanov
digital artist and photographer
Svetlan Stefanov - fine art photography and digital art

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